Guest Post: Three Ways to Make Your 401(k) Plan Work Harder for You

Guest Post:  Ivie Burns (We love it when our friends share important and helpful information!) Life expectancy continues to expand, thanks to new advances in medical care and a focus on better health habits. A longer life often means more years in retirement, which may last 30 years or more. How much money will you need socked away to shore up a comfortable retirement? The IRS suggests you’ll need up to 80% of your annual income today to help ensure you

Guest Post: 4 Things to Look for in Your 401(k) Service Provider

Every business should care about ways to help employees prepare for the future.  This guest blog from our friend and colleague Ivie Burns with Morgan Stanley offers some great advice about 401k plans. 401(k) salary deferral plans are among the most popular retirement plans today.   A 401(k) plan allows employees to “defer” a part of their pay. The deferred pay is deducted from an employee’s paycheck and is placed into the employer’s tax-qualified plan. Fe

You Will Want to Walk a Mile in “These” Shoes

What do you do when you decide to go on a hike?  You buy hiking shoes.  And where do you buy them?  From people who know hiking. Every now you then you have a customer experience that makes you want to tell someone about because of simply how delightful it was.  And that was my encounter with Van at the Brentwood, TN REI store. I’m truly a novice when it comes to this specific outdoor shoe.  And knowing an all-day hike mean you must take care of your fee

Are Great Customer Experiences > Efficiency?

Are Great Customer Experiences > Efficiency?
I visited my bank recently - yep, I’m one of those people who still like face to face interactions. I needed to do more than an online transition would allow and the visit inside allowed me to observe an interesting dilemma facing customer service professionals today. I was there during the lunch hour; there was a line of customers waiting to be served; and there were only two tellers behind the counter.  To my delight, a woman from an adjacent office saw

Succession Planning…from the Farm to the Boardroom

My dad is retired now from business life but has always been a bi-vocational farmer which means the house has always been filled various agricultural media.  I was visiting my parents recently and came across a copy of and our blog pic was on the cover.  it caught my eye and confirmed that succession planning is important whether you run a farm or are the CEO in a boardroom. This topic can be an intimating one for many leaders so I’ve come to de